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SBA Loans

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Financial Benefits of SBA Loans
Because the one thing an undercapitalized business doesn't have is excess cash, the SBA permits loans with unique financial benefits:
- Less Money Down - You can better leverage your personal or investment capital -
and get more done with less up-front investment - with an SBA-guaranteed loan
- Longer Payback Terms - You can improve your cash flow with lower monthly
payments, and - when appropriate - fix a better match between loan terms and
longer-term rates for capitalized-equipment or real-estate depreciation
- Lower Interest Rates - Because the SBA absorbs a significant percentage of
the loan risk, the bank can lend at a lower rate - you enjoy better cash flow, and
the savings go straight to your bottom line

SBA loans offer other special benefits typically unavailable through a conventional business loan:
- No Balloon Payment Required - You can establish terms that minimize your
monthly payment without attaching a large payout at the end of the loan
- Easier Credit Available - The SBA simply makes it easier to get the loan
you want

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