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How To Value A Business

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The current market value of a business is formulated on two principles.
1. Tangible and intangible assets.
2. Cash flow and benefits to the owner.


Busineses owned by an individual with gross sales of one million dollars or less generally sell for the present value of the assets, plus one to three times the net earnings. When the earnings are stable and growing the value is at the higher end. If the earnings are declining, we use a multiple at the lower end.
Businesses with revenues of one million to ten million generally sell for multiples of three to six times earnings.
Businesses with revenues of more than ten million dollars have specific industry ratios to determine value. Buyers generally are paying for market share, rights to patents and additional product lines.
Most industries have more than one rule of thumb when it comes to valuing a business. At Business Brokers of America we present your business in the best possible light. Through the ulitizilation of digital photographs, current pro-formas, and our experience we will sell your business at the best possible price.
We act as the facititator, who can listen to both sides and get the buyers negative points, and postive points. The buyer is more open in talks with the facilitator than in talks with the seller. We will research the market and find buyers who would be interested in your type of business without revealing your name unless they are qualified.

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